Deeper integration with WPFusion, Uncanny Automator and AutomatorWP.

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Ricardo Jimenez

Hello! I have WPDM and even though I love it, we are having some new requirements that we just don’t know if WPDM can fulfill. We’ve used WPDM with success for a couple of years now, but some of our frustration is coming with the lack of integration with major plugins and tools like Learndash, WPFusion, and Buddyboss.

This is one of the scenarios we are trying to achieve:

As the user advances through a course (in Learndash), we have some activities with downloads for them (so far, so good). We use a shortcode to embed the download, and voilá.

But we would like to create a consolidated page (as a Locker) per user that has all the downloads they have unlocked so far across all the courses they are going through.

We have tried your locker solution (custom access) with mixed success because it is all manual!, we haven’t found a way to automate the locker in this way.

We thought maybe using tags with WPFusion for downloads, where if a user has a tag, they can see the download in their locker (this is supported by WP Download Monitor, a competitor of yours: but this does not seem supported with WPDM (you are not even listed in the WPFusion integrations page).

Then we thought doing it through UnCanny Automator or AutomatorWP (which both connect to WPDM, more info here: and here:, but none of them have an action of “give access to user for a specific download” (the equivalent of manually adding the user to the Custom Access of the file). This would have been ideal because we could use your shortcode that comes with the Custom Access Control to show the files the user has access to, but this option does not exist.

We believe this would be a great addition for your solution, not just for me.



Ricardo Jimenez

I already submited a similar request to WPFusion so they can get this ball rolling from their end:

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