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Peter Peck

Hi Have a custom taxonomy shared between my custom post types. Its called “shared-tax”. I have it accessible inside WPDM no problem.
But how to display on the front end only the relevant download packages based on matching “shared-tax”?

In the end, I need to display the WPDM packages only based on matching the “shared-tax” of the selected (woocommerce) product page.

I can do it with php. but layout sucks.
Can I do it with a shortcode? I’ve tried all variations around [wpdm_packages tax="shared-tax"]

Thanks community!


Peter Peck

can I expose the regular WPDM Categories taxonomy to other custom post types?
(might be easier?)


Nayeem Riddhi

Hello Peter Peck,

Hope you are well. If you are trying to implement a custom post-type and its taxonomy with WPDM and its shortcodes, you may need to take the customization service from here, please check and let me know

Thank you and regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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