Couple of questions before purchase

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I have been looking at this addon and it ticks most of the boxes for what I need. The only problem i see so far is that you cannot have multiple downloads per package. It looks like the software will zip the files all together rather than allowing a user to select just one file.

My project is to convert my existing games download website to use wordpress.

The site works like so

Homepage -> Category -> Game -> Downloads

When a user clicks install they can select the file or link they need to install the game. Sometimes I link to an iso or exe . Other times is might be to steam or desura external links.

Do you think this would be possible with the pro addon?

Thanks for your help



actually you can add as many as download your want per package, and you can enable disable individual downloads for front-end users



If we go –> add new package then upload multiple files and assigned them to a category and create a package it will display a zip file and no matter if we able or disable user cannot download individual files. BUT, if we create a category first, then use the upload bulk, select all and assign them to a category then you can download them individually and it will display it individuly

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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