Bug: incorrect handling of root path containing backslashes

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Tim B


I have found the following bug which likely only affects Windows servers where file paths can contain backslashes. See below for temporary fix.

After installing free version of plugin (v3.2.86) on a Windows development machine, an absolute path is shown in the editable part of the File Browser Root field in Settings – Access Settings. Changing it to a relative path (e.g. wp-content/whatever) and pressing Save Settings has no effect. The incorrect handling of this path results in the Asset Manager showing no files or folders, and files cannot be uploaded.

The File Browser Root path is stored in the option _wpdm_file_browser_root and (for me) contains backslashes.
However, the method get_home_path() returns a path containing forward slashes.
Therefore, the string replacement str_replace(get_home_path(), “”, $fbRoot) in AssetManager.php line 44 fails to make a relative path as intended.

Temporary fix:
Replace any backslashes with forward slashes before using the value of the _wpdm_file_browser_root option.

AssetManager.php line 43:
$fbRoot = str_replace(“\\”, “/”, get_option(‘_wpdm_file_browser_root’)); /* Fixed */

Basic.php line 46:
value=”<?php echo str_replace(get_home_path(), “”, str_replace(“\\”, “/”, get_option(‘_wpdm_file_browser_root’, dirname(UPLOAD_DIR)))); /* Fixed */ ?>”

Basic.php line 51:
onclick=”jQuery(‘#_wpdm_file_browser_root’).val(‘<?php echo str_replace(get_home_path(), “”, str_replace(“\\”, “/”, get_option(‘_wpdm_file_browser_root’, dirname(UPLOAD_DIR))));/* Fixed */ ?>’); “><i

FileSystem.php line 870:
$file_browser_root = str_replace(“\\”, “/”, get_option(‘_wpdm_file_browser_root’, ”)); /* Fixed */

For a more permanent fix, it might be advisable to use standard methods such as path_join() to manipulate file paths instead of string concatenation and replacement operations.




Hello, Tim B

I hope you are doing well, and thanks for contacting us.

We are investigating the issue and will let you know about it shortly.




We appreciate your keen observation and willingness to report the issue, which results in a significant impact on the improvement of our plugin.
This bug will be fixed in the next update.


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