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bee mo


Is there a way to automatically assign categories based on directory?

I recently had to integrate your Directory Add-on to my workflow.

My upload process used to be
1. Drag-n-drop a file onto a Panic Transmit Mac OS droplet

All of the heavy lifting was performed by wpdm – the file would be indexed and displayed in the Downloads package via the wonderful “Attach Dir” option.

But now my upload process is 7 more steps and it takes 1200% longer because need to log into wp-admin and manually add a category after every upload.

Alternatively, if you could implement a parameter for wpdm-archive:

[wpdm-archive cat_view=”extended” directory_paths=”/wp-content/pdf/notes, /wp-content/pdf/budgets, /wp-content/pdf/maps”]


[wpdm-archive cat_view=”extended” directory_paths=”/wp-content/pdf/notes, /wp-content/pdf/budgets, /wp-content/pdf/maps” directory_tags=”notes, budgets, maps”]

That would work too.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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