Allow for Changing Plan IDs / Re-Ordering of Plans


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I only have four Plans at present as I’m planning my site and trying out features.

The Plan IDs are already a problem. I understand that I can change the order of Plan cards on the Subscription page but the Plans appear in order in several other places. For example, on some pages the users are advised which plans are required in order to download the content.

At the moment I’m able to edit my four plans, swapping all the content around so that they are in order 1, 2, 3, 4. I can see that the numerical order of plans might become a problem in the future. This also means that I have to change a few users to different Plan IDs at the moment which is easier for me to do now than when there are many users to change.

Hopefully you can introduce a way of changing the numerical order of plans by using some type of display ID, connected to the auto-incremented ID.

Many thanks,

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