Integrated Templates

This page is deprecated. Please follow the updated docs here

WordPress Download Manager Pro has integrated template system to control how download package links and pages should look like. There are 2 types of templates: Link Template and Page Template.

Link template:

Link templates are used to render download manager package and category short-code. Link templates usually for showing summery type info of a package, here is a example comparative image for a random package:

  1. Selected link template:
  2. In background, this is the code for selected link template:
  3. Now if you embed the short-code of the package in a page or post content, at front-end it will look like:


Page template:

Page template used to show detailed data of a specific package. WPDM Pro invokes page template when you enter a package URL, as wpdm pro generate separate SEO friendly URL for every package you created. If you check note#3 in link template section (the screenshot for link template code) , the template tag [page_url] actually return Package URL. which will link the image with the details page for the package “Free Web Designer Iconset” and [page_link] template return URL linked with package title “Free Web Designer Iconset”, as you seeing in link template front-end preview screenshot above.

All valid template tags are explained below:

Template Variables
– Package details page url
– show package title
– show icon if available
– show preview thumbnail with specified width and height if available,l eg: [thumb_700x400] will show 700px × 400px image preview
– returns preview thumbnail url with specified width and height if available,l eg: [thumb_url_700x400] will return 700px × 400px image preview url
– show additional preview thumbnails in gallery format, each image height and with will be same as specified, eg:[gallery_50x30]will show image gallery of additional previews and each image size will be 50px×40px
– show a short description of pacakge from description, eg: [excerpt_200] will show short description with first 200 chars of description
– package description
– download counter
– download url
– direct link to download using download link label, you also can use additional parameter with [download_link] tag, here is more details
– number of downloads to expire download quota
– show list of all files in a package
– show package version
– show package create date
– show package update date
– Show mp3 player with your page or link template.
– show package price
– add to cart url
– add to cart link with label “add to cart”
– add to cart form with quantity
– show package sales count

Prettify your Download Link:

Rather then using plain download link you may want to use pretty download button. So, you simply need to do the following to accomplish that:

[download_link] – will generate plain download link <a href=”download-url-here”>link label of your download pacakge</a>

[download_link additional css classes here] – this will apply  all css class to the download link you added here. More specifically:
[download_link btn btn-lage btn-success] – this will generate link with classes “btn btn-lage btn-success” ,
so it will be like <a href=”download-url-here” class=”btn btn-lage btn-success”>link label of your download pacakge</a>
as we are using bootstrap.css and bootstrap.css has some build-in button styles , the link will look like the download button here: Download
applied classes “btn btn-large btn-success”
“btn-large” class made this button size larger
“btn-success” for green color
alternatively, for other colors you can try:
“btn-info”, “btn-warning”, “btn-inverse”, “btn-danger” in place of “btn-success”

Button Styles

Button class=”” Description
btn Standard gray button with gradient
btn btn-primary Provides extra visual weight and identifies the primary action in a set of buttons
btn btn-info Used as an alternative to the default styles
btn btn-success Indicates a successful or positive action
btn btn-warning Indicates caution should be taken with this action
btn btn-danger Indicates a dangerous or potentially negative action
btn btn-inverse Alternate dark gray button, not tied to a semantic action or use
btn btn-link Deemphasize a button by making it look like a link while maintaining button behavior

Button sizes

Fancy larger or smaller buttons? Add .btn-large, .btn-small, or .btn-mini for additional sizes.

Create block level buttons—those that span the full width of a parent— by adding .btn-block.

Using Your Own Image Instead of Default Buttons:

Yes, very simple, 2 ways there to do that:

  1. Create a css class with a background image for download link and apply the css class to download link, For example, add following css in your theme css file style.css

    .my_custom_image_button { background: url(‘×48/download.png’) left center no-repeat; width: 48px; height:48px; }

    Now you apply the class with download link tag, like:

    [download_link my_custom_image_button]

  2. Use image url directly like this:


  3. Don’t even want to change template? OK, Just install this add-on: WPDM Image Button

So if you still need more explanation on creating a link or page template, please post in our forum or ask live support person here:

Otherwise, you may process to section:
List of Download Manager Pro Short-codes