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WordPress Site Admin Panel >> Downloads >> Categories

Download manager pro multilevel category section will help you to display categorize download packages at front-end.

Category Name/Title:
To reiterate, the Category Name must be unique.

Category Descriptions are optional. Some themes take advantage of Category Descriptions, others do not, so having Descriptions may or may not modify the way Categories are displayed for your site. Even if they are not used by your site’s theme, you may still find them useful from an administration point of view.

Category Parent:
Use this drop-down if you want to make this Category a sub-Category; you will select the sub-Category’s Parent here. For example, you may have a Category called “Photos” but want to add further clarification about the subject of a particular “Photos” post. You could add “Oregon Coast” and “Ice Storm” as sub-Categories to the “Photos” Category; “Photos” would be the Parent of these two new sub-Categories.

Wrapper Class Name:
Is a css class name to apply with category short-code wrapper tag ( div ). Support, you used wrapper class name = green-cats , then at front-end a css class “green-cats” will be applied on category short-code wrapper tag ( example: <div class=”green-cats”>[list of packages under this category]</div>

Category URL:

When permalink is enabled then category url will be like:

and when permalink disabled category url will be like:

Also You can use Advanced TinyMce button add-on to insert category short-code into page/post content.

So if you still need explanation on category section, please post in our forum or ask live support person here:

Otherwise, you may process to:
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