WPDM PDF Stamper extension allows you to apply text or image-based watermarks to PDF downloads. Text-based watermarks can be styled through user-defined font, font sizes and colors. Additionally, text-based watermarks allow several template tags to further personalize the watermark.

Installing WPDM PDF Stamper Plugin

  1. Download WPDM PDF Stamper plugin. Unzip plugin zip file and then upload the plugin folder and files via FTP Client like FileZilla to your wp-content/plugins folder OR upload the plugin zip file via the “Add New” plugin menu in WordPress.
  2. Activate the “WPDM PDF Stamper” plugin you just installed.

WPDM PDF Stamper Settings

  • Goto Downloads –> Settings of your WordPress admin panel. Click PDF Stampers tabs.

    WPDM PDF Stamper - Settings
    Below is the description for each setting sections:

  • Watermark Type: Select watermark type here. You can select either Text based watermark or Image based watermark. According to you selection, settings for each selection will appear.
  • Settings related to text based watermark:
    1. Watermark Text: Here you can specify text for text based watermark. Text based watermarks allow several template tags to further personalize the watermark including:
      {name} –The buyer’s first name
      {fullname} –The buyer’s full name, first and last
      {username} –The buyer’s user name on the site, if they registered an account
      {email} –The buyer’s email address
      {date} –The date of the purchase
      {order_id} –The unique ID number for this purchase receipt
      {sitename} –Your site name
      {br} –for new line
    2. Watermark Pages: Here you can select which page/pages you want to add stamp.
      WPDM PDF Stamper - General Settings
    3. Select Font: Here you can select font for watermark text.
    4. Font Size: Here you can specify font size for watermark text.
    5. Font Offset / Line Height: Here you can specify font offset / line height for watermark text.
    6. Font Style: Here you can select font style for watermark text.
    7. Font Color: Here you can select font color for watermark text.
  • Settings related to image based watermark:
    1. Watermark Image: Here you can select image for watermark image. Click browse button to select a image from WordPress media manager.
      WPDM PDF Stamper - General Settings 2
  • Position: Here you can specify position for watermark image or text.
    WPDM PDF Stamper - Position Settings

Individual Package Settings

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2014


  • icoffe01

    i suggest a get default values plus than , like ( encryption , allowance ) on default value add-on 🙂

  • Steven

    Hello, nice add-on.
    Are there more tutorials available? Many things remain unclear to me.

    How and when and where does the buyer enter his/her full name & email for example, to be stamped?

    Is there an option to let them fill in their email + name after purchase on the download page itself, to be stamped in the PDF (uploaded via WPDM via Dropbox)?

    Is there an option to PDF stamp documents that you give away for free on the website? That people only can download after typing their name + email?

    Look forward to hear from you,

    • Shaon

      “the buyer enter his/her full name & email ” — buyer’s full name and email will come from their profile info, Buyer can update those info from edit profile page
      ( For example: https://www.wpdownloadmanager.com/user-dashboard/edit-profile/ ).

      PDF Stamper Add-on can’t stamp remote file ( ex: hosted on google drive, dropbox, box.com, amazon s3 … ).

      Yes, but for now user need to be loggedin. However we shall add the support for form/email lock option soon.

  • tbarto002

    How does this plugin work exactly? Does it require a e-commerce/checkout process? I have wordpress site that requires a user to login and then they are able to download PDF documents. Is it possible that combined with downloadManagerPro that upon them clicking download it embeds their login username/timestamp etc?

  • Tanner

    Great plugin, exactly what I am was looking for!

    It seems, that this Plugin doesn’t support the european DIN A4. I would like to stamp the license and buyers name in the footer of the document. In the settings i adjust vertical 285mm. Like that, the stamp appears on a next (new) blank page on top… Is there a workaround for that? Thank for your help.

  • WebMo Design

    Hi, one question, is it possible to angle the stamped text? 45 degrees as an example

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