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Template Files

When you are developing a theme for WordPress Download Manager, you need to add 2 custom templates:

  1. taxonomy-wpdmcategory.php

    the template for custom taxonomy "wpdmcategory", will show Download Manager package when you open a WordPress Download Manager category URL. Usually, you can create a copy from archive.php and rename it to taxonomy-wpdmcategory.php
    Category Page Demo

  2. single-wpdmpro.php

    the template for custom post type "wpdmpro", will show WordPress Download Manager Package details when you open a WordPress Download Manager package URL. Usually, you can create a copy from single.php and rename it to single-wpdmpro.php
    Package Details Page Demo

  3. Changing Template Files in /plugins/download-manager/src/{ComponentDir}/views/ ( Download Manager Plugin ) dir:

    1. Create a dir named download-manager insideĀ  your active theme dir
    2. Now copy the files you want to modify from /src/{ComponentDir}/views dir to /{active-theme}/download-manager/ dir.
    3. Customize template file(s) in {active-theme}/download-manager dir as per your need
    4. Keep dir structure, means, a file from /src/Packages/views/link-templates dir should go to /{active-theme}/download-manager/link-templates dir.
  4. Changing Template Files in /plugins/wpdm-premium-packages/templates/ ( Premium Packages Plugin ) dir:

    1. Copy files from`/plugins/premium-packages/templates/` dir to {active-theme}/download-manager
    2. Now remove all files from {active-theme}/download-mamager except the ones you need to modify
    3. Update template file(s) in {active-theme}/download-manager dir as per your need

Theme Functions:

Check all theme functions here

Need a Custom Category Page Template?
Need custom category page template and download details page template for your theme, we can build those 2 page-templates for you with only 1 hour of custom upgrade service. You may order it from the following link.
Last updated on Aug 8, 2021

Need More Clarification?

For any technical issue, if you are already using pro version please post in pro forum and free version users please post in free forum. Otherwise, if you have any pre-sale or order related query please contact live chat support team. For technical support.

Need Customization?

If you need additional customization on WordPress Download Manager or any type of custom support on WordPress you may contact our customization service.